Those who have been in the Android game a bit longer, might remember the ChangeDroid app, that was discontinued a long time ago. This particular spot was unfilled for a long time — until now that is.

Changes app icon Changes in Google Play

Changes lets you keep track of application updates and their changelogs.

Changes is a lightweight app that gathers the change messages of the all apps currently installed on your device from the Google Play Store and displays them in a neat and easily digestible way. Same as with the old ChangeDroid app, this can obviously only work if the developers have put useful information in.

I haven’t exactly looked into how the app works, but back then ChangeDroid used a server-based backend to gather all the change messages, which ultimately killed the app (too high on computational costs, with too small of a revenue stream). This allowed you to subscribe to apps you didn’t have “installed” which made it pretty useful in combination with Titanium Backup’s app freeze feature.

Changes is in public beta right now. It does exactly what it advertises — 👍 SalaDevs!

Update: While writing this post I stumbled upon the Changelogs app which seems equally nice.