Every year, after the release of the final new iOS version, I come back to a list of small paper cuts in the hope that something can be stricken. This is what this years list looks like:

  • Shortcuts App file Access is limited to iCloud/Dropbox Save to File Shortcut Action with only iCloud or Dropbox available Please, finally allow me to select Local File here and read/write arbitrary files.

  • URL Filters for Website Shortcuts

    Shortcuts’ Run JavaScript on Website action makes for a great makeshift Greasemonkey replacement for iOS. But without proper filters all those Shortcuts with Safari web pages input will show up in the Safari Share Sheet.

    Yes, I could theoretically just do a few entry shortcuts that would parse and filter the URL and then dispatch it on to their actually intended Shortcuts. But I think this would work and integrate way better with an optional RegExp field that is pre-filled with .*.

  • More Default App options

    I do get that default apps only do make sense for standardized schemas like https: and mailto: URIs.

    As can be seen on Android there’s room for more tel: and sms:. Same goes for Calendar (.ics) and Contacts (.vcf) files.

    But this doesn’t end here. I’d like to have the option to replace the default note-taking app (you know, the one that gives you an empty note when you tap the pencil onto the screen while the screen is off) with my own.

  • iPadOS has unfortunately not gotten the proper App Library love the iPhone got. Which is a bummer, considering that my iPad Home Screen has been a lot messier than the one on my phone. There’s so much stuff that I semi-rarely access that I end up shoving it into random folders to get them out of the way.

    Also because of that the Widgets (both new and old ones) are still confined to the left third of the Screen, if even any.

Edit 2020-10-09: