In my past year of extensive travels, I have had to replace several items that in and of itself weren’t bad products but didn’t end up holding up to my constant abuse.

Note: None of the links provided here are affiliate links or paid in any other way. I am a customer stating my own opinions

Hyper Co Products

Sleek devices that initially work, but unfortunately don’t stand the test of time. This lesson is now learned when they release new products in the future.

HyperDrive 4K HDMI 3-in-1 USB-C Hub

It continues to work, but has nasty periods where the external monitor signal or connected USB 2.0 devices will randomly stop working.

I still use it with the Steam Deck and other non-critical uses, but my faith in its reliability has been lost for good.

Replaced by: Dockteck 7-In-1 USB C PD Ethernet Hub

HyperJuice GaN 100W USB-C Charger

The adapter comes with one set of international plugs, and the flimsy US two-prong one baked in.

Others have reported temperature and charging issues, of which I luckily had none. I had backed the thing on Kickstarter and was a happy customer. Until the EU plugs bent from the weight of the plug and the plastics around the prongs was torn open. Hyper shamefully doesn’t sell replacement plugs.

Bent prongs on Hyper adapter

Replaced by: Douxe 130W Charger

This one provides more power when charging multiple devices, has the IEC 320 C7 connector, which makes cable routing from the outlet more comfortable, is readily available in all kinds of different plug endings and cheaply replaced should it break.

Gravel Explorer SLIM

Size and functionality-wise this is the perfect Dopp kit for me. It will take everything I need and fits into the bottom compartment of my backpack, providing valuable padding for the electronics above.

Torn and glued shampoo compartment

But it didn’t hold up. The outside fabric is in perfect condition but on the inside multiple pockets have torn apart, one of which is unfortunately the one keeping my toothbrush separate from all the other gunk. Plus the (plastic-)zipper now has one failing tooth, making opening and closing an adventure every time.

Plus they haven’t responded to any of my emails for months.

Replaced by: noting yet, I am still on the lookout.

Honorable mentions

In order to not only be complaining about broken gear, here are the ones that are in good working condition despite my continued attempts to break them:

  • Peak Design EDB v1 30L

    Have had it for years. This bag has gone through hell with me and back, there’s visible marks of that but it is surprisingly tough.

  • Peak Design Packing Cube Small

    One time, when I overloaded it, I heard fabric rip audibly but couldn’t find the spot. Other than that it works like a charm even when loaded up to the brim.

  • Bell Roy Tech Kit Compact

    Elsewhere I’ve seen complaints about the longevity of Bell Roy products, but at least in this particular instance it is holding up. And the metal zippers don’t make me question that in any way.

  • Samsung EB-U1200 Power Bank

    This one even outlived the EB-U3300 model that replaced it. It is bulky and made of aluminum and doubles as a doorstop.