As a developer you regularly use both the F-Key Row on the Keyboard as well as the Media Function Keys:

If you set it to act as F-Key, you cannot easily with a press of a button pause your media or mute/change the volume. But if you set it to default to the Media Keys, most your handy Key Combos in your IDE will change or break entirely (because of the additional Shift modifier).

Cue Fluor, which is a small app that lives in your Menu Bar and you can select the current Function Key state on a per-App basis. That means within your IDE the keys will work as Function Keys and your Key Combos are unchanged, but when you focus your browser, or messenger, or anything else they will work as Media Keys!

Fluor Menu Bar Sheet with Settings

I absolutely love this app! I have been using it for months now and I have almost forgotten that this little helper sits in the background and takes friction out of my workday.

Oh, and have I mentioned that the source is available on GitHub!