Sorry for the clickbait title. But it is true.

After I had destroyed my short 30cm1 USB-C charging cable in a nightly accident, I went to the Apple Store and bought the only size they had available, which was the 1,5m2 one with the braided cable. And have been unhappy ever since. It works but is too bulky and unwieldy for traveling.

Apple Watch Charger

I have then found a cheap, lighweight charging puck on AliExpress3 that is smaller than the watch itself and can be powered either through a lightning or USB-C cable.

It is made from aluminium and holds up quite well (have been using it daily since January). So if you are not happy with your Apple Watch charging solution, perhaps give this a try.

The only downside is that the magnets could be stronger. They are about as strong as the original Apple ones but that one doesn’t have the added stiffness of a USB connector. You can easily knock it off the puck and a stronger magnet wouldn’t have harmed anybody.

  1. 1ft, if your brain is wired that way 

  2. 6ft, or in other words: uncomfortably long 

  3. Notice how I didn’t link to it nor wrote the chargers name? I don’t get any kickback from them. Just am a genuinely happy customer.