There is so much more fun with SVGs to be had:

  • A Dive Into SVG Path Commands [via HN]

    Nanda Syahrasyad has crafted an easy and intuitive way to get a visual feel for the inner workings of SVG files. The various parameters to the curves are explained right next to their interactive renders, ready to be toyed around with.

  • Jetpack Compose SVG to Compose converter [via my Colleague]

    This Generator creates Compose code that is pretty much the equivalent to embedding SVG directly in HTML.

    You entirely forego the conversion from SVG to Android Vector Drawables, actually Drawables altogether. The resulting “image” is a first class part of your View Hierarchy and can even be tinted and styled using Android’s onboard styling primitives.

  • Embedding SVGs into HTML and alter colors and drop shadows via variables

    Either as with a Drop Shadow that changes color depending on the system-wide light or dark settings, or as a Diagram with transparent background where the line color also follows the system-wide color schema.

  • Magical SVG Techniques [via HN]

    Collection of various (advanced) techniques and tools that ups the game a bit.